NUFC footballer Joelinton’s home broken into

Image caption,Joelinton is understood to have received a security alert on his phone while he was away from his home
  • Published14 January 2024, 12:14 GMT
  • Updated 1 hour ago

Burglars have targeted the home of Newcastle United footballer Joelinton.

Northumbria Police officers were called at about 19:30 GMT on Saturday evening.

The homeowner, who the force is not naming, reported there were three men inside the house in Darras Hall, Northumberland.

A force spokesperson said: “Thankfully the homeowner was not home but had received a security alert on their phone and immediately reported concerns to police.”

Officers were sent to the house, but anyone who had been inside had left, the force said.


Newcastle were playing Manchester City at St James’ Park at the time.

Joelinton is currently injured, but was at the ground.

It comes only weeks after a break-in at the home of Manchester City player Jack Grealish.

His house was targeted by thieves on 27 December while he was playing against Everton in Liverpool.

Northumbria Police is asking anyone with information to contact the force.

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